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Our Vision:

To establish ALCAZAR as an international renowned brand.

Our Mission:

We believe in wood as a living material to express our engagement with it, we design and produce a unique mixture of fine wood furniture to satisfy our valued customers’ refined taste.

Our Values:

  • Personal care and partnership.

  • Creativity.

  • Quality.

  • Reliability.

  • Value for Money.


The name ALCAZAR is derived from a type of Spanish castle, which means the palace or fortress. Al Cazar was established in 1998 as a family business and quickly became well known in Egypt for providing high quality home furnishings with a ‘special taste’. At AlCazar, quality is not an element to be controlled, but rather it is a way of being; it is our way of doing what we do.


AlCazar prides itself on being a family based business structured on traditional family values; personal care and partnership is our way, quality, professionalism, reliability in everything we do, owing our clients value for their money, and creativity is our route for survival. AlCazar both designs and produces home & Garden furniture pieces which retails design and manufacture high quality wood furniture, also, we were able to build a strong reputation in executing contract projects of various scales and specializations, through its high quality production and attention to details.

Design & Innovation:

  • ALCAZAR invests heavily in building a company design culture.

  • ALCAZAR develops 1 collection yearly launched through our showroom events.

  • In addition to its in‐house design department, ALCAZAR also collaborates with renowned national and international designers.

  • ALCAZAR designers’ collaborations include:

    • Cherif Morsy - Egypt.

    • Frans Schrofer - Netherlands.

    • Harry & Camilla - Spain.


sheraton sharm (2).jpg


  • Al Cove Hotel - UAE

  • Club Med - Gouna, Egypt

  • Movenpick - Hurgada, Egypt

  • Baron Hotel Sahl Hashish - Egypt

  • Gulf Resort - Egypt

  • Petro Sport Club - Egypt

  • Club Med - Sinai, Egypt

  • Fanadir Hotel - Gouna, Egypt

  • Mosaique Hotel - Gouna, Egypt

  • Palestine Hotel - Egypt



  • Luxor Boat - Egypt

  • Mayfair Boat - Egypt

  • Abercrombie boat - Aswan, Egypt



  • Egyptian Embassy-Algeria

  • Egyptian Embassy-Syria

  • Egyptian Embassy-Australia

  • Egyptian Embassy-Geneva

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